FleetUp ELD HOS Application

- 1st Registered ELD on FMCSA

- Full Compatibility with Engine Connections for   all Light Duty and Heavy Duty Vehicles in US,   Canada, and Mexico.

- Secure Communication Device.

- Ten-Minute Self-Installation, Plug & Play.

Drivers are able to manage their HOS by logging in through their mobile device -- available for free on all iOS and Android devices.

Main Features

Vehicle Tab

Select/Release Vehicle

  • Main Driver 
  •  Co-Driver 

Main Features

Status Tab

 Daily Log

Current Status

  • Show current status. 
  • Driving status (when engine is on) can't be manipulated by the driver.
  • Driver can change status to ON, OFF, and SB when vehicle is in non-driving status. 



  • Visualized charts provide user-friendly. interface to check available “Driving” hours to avoid violation.

Main Features

Logs Tab

Date selection option

Log chart

  • Add / Edit status option 
  • Total driving hours 
  • Recap 

DVIR (Beta) 

  • See below 




List of violations in past 24 hours

DVIR (Beta)

Logs Tab


  • Pre-DVIR 
  • DVIR history


Logs Tab


  • FMCSA's required fields & format.
  • RODS can be emailed to the police officer directly from our mobile app. 

1. Co-Driver Mode

Additional Features


  • FMCSA's required fields & format.
  • RODS can be emailed to the police officer directly from our mobile app. 

2. I-RODS : Inspection Mode

Inspection Mode

  • I-RODS does not allow police officer to inspect other aspects of App (such as violations).
  • I-RODS button can be found in the upper right hand corner.

Preview: Inspection Mode

DVIR - Beta

FleetUp's DVIR has standard procedure such as Chain Rule, from post-driver’s DVIR to Mechanic’s review to pre-driver’s DVIR. Continuous upgrades ensures support for additional field cases (exceptions).

1. Post-Driver (Mobile View)

2. Mechanic's View (Web View)

3. Pre-Driver (Mobile View)

4. DVIR - Web Online

Upcoming Features

1. Pre-violation Push Notifications

2. Personal Conveyance and Yard Move - The FMCSA has not set any specific conditions for Personal Conveyance and Yard Move. FleetUp will implement this feature to the market standard and adjust when the FMCSA finalizes this rule. 

3. UI Upgrades - FleetUp will focus on upgrading the User Interface to continue to make it easier for drivers to use.

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